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Womb To World Crystal Kit – Labour

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Labour Crystal Kit

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We are sure you have heard the horror stories, but what about the miracle of child birth? The resilient female energy, the empowerment that comes from your hard work? Let this crystal kit be your strength, your power, your constant reminder that you are woman, you are capable of moving mountains and you were born for this.

Use this crystal kit however you see fit or is appropriate for your birth. Hold during your contractions to reduce the pain as each one flows in. Place in the water of your birthing pool to create a cleansed and safe energy for your baby to arrive in or place on your chest during your caesarean to ease those nerves.

Red Jasper – promotes strong fetal growth & minimises birth pains.
Unakite – balances reproductive system.
Bloodstone – balance and stabilise hormones.
Amethyst – stress relief and rejuvenation.
Jet – used in treating menstrual cramps & ease pains of birth.
Selenite – cleanses aura, allowing positive energy