2023 CANDLE GLOSSARY - June – cleanse & co.
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bush  ·  nature  ·  fresh

The earthy scents of wood, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon myrtle are combined to create the true scent of the Australian bush.


woody  ·  spice ·  sweet

A woody aromatic fragrance of wood, spice and cardamon. This unisex fragrance is smokey and sweet but light, making it the perfect go to scent for those that appreciate the heavy notes but prefer a light aroma.

Pistachio & Vanilla Malt

sweet  · smooth · creamy

A deliciously creamy scent containing sweet notes of vanilla and savoury notes pistachio nut. A nostalgic fragrance taking you back to a simple summer beach day.

Coconut, Lime and Elderflower

creamy  ·  fresh  ·  floral

A match made in heaven. With a smooth and creamy coconut body, followed by a zesty, floral after note, this blend will refresh and calm any space.


sugary · rich · full

A truly delicious fragrance that entices with the aroma of sweetened rich creamy Caramel. The mouth watering sweetness combined with cream creates the perfect balance of both aromas.

Sweet Amber and Oud

woody  ·  floral  ·  sweet

A beautiful unisex fragrance, both feminine and masculine. It features a blend of floral and woodsy scents, with a hint of sweetness from the amber.


earthy  ·  warm  ·  sweet

This fragrance has a sweet and juicy aroma that is blended with woody and green notes. This scent is both warm, sweet, and earthy.


fruity  · fresh  ·  zesty

The zesty scent of native plum mixed with fruity notes of lemon and passionfruit. This combined with the gentle, sweet, fresh fragrance of mimosa created a perfectly light fruity fresh fragrance.

vanilla & Sweet Tobacco

earth  ·  sweet  ·  sultry

The perfect balance of wood, leather and smoke combined with thyme and raspberry. A fragrance that's both clean and sultry, dry and sweet.


calming  ·  smooth  ·  sweet

Patchouli, sandalwood, wood and honey come together in this scent to create the soothing Nag Champa aroma.

Marine Moss and Melon

fresh  ·  coastal  ·  sweet

A fresh, sweet and fruity fragrance. The delicious juicy scent of melon combined with the fresh and aquatic scent of marine moss makes this a perfect light and refreshing aroma.

Grapefruit & White Orchid

fruity · citrus · sweet

The fruity and sweet scent of white orchard mixed with champagne. A fun, uplifting, and zesty aroma. 


no scent

The perfect candle for those that love the look of our beautiful candles but not the smell. Whether you’re allergic, or just simply not into fragrances this is the candle for you. 

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free Aus shipping! You are $150 AUD from Free Aus Shipping
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