coconut & lime

zesty  ·  creamy  ·  fresh

A match made in heaven. With a smooth and creamy coconut body, followed by a zesty, citrus after note, this blend will refresh and calm any space. 

Crystals: Rose Quartz, New Moon, Pink Opal, Libra, Lepidolite, 2kg Candles

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Vanilla coconut

warm  ·  smooth  ·  creamy

A creamy, settling, non-overpowering blend of fresh and toasted coconut, with a sweet vanilla base. Allow this blend to warm your senses and create a soothing, relaxing vibe.

Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Leo, Rhodonite, Capricorn, Honey Calcite, 2kg Candles

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creamy  ·  floral  ·  sweet

An addictive scent of geranium and lilies, with a creamy body. The perfect blend of juicy and creamy, without being too overpowering. A perfect candle for anyone who enjoys the scent of flowers and lemonade on a sunny day.

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Selenite, 2kg Candles

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Fresh Watermelon

sugary  ·  fruity  ·  fresh

The sweet, juicy smell of watermelon on a summer day. This blend is the perfect level of sweetness, while not being too overpowering. 

Crystals: Moonstone, Kunzite, 2kg Candles

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zest  · uplift  ·  sweet

A perfect blend of juicy grapefruit and sweet blood orange. This beautiful scent uplifts the senses and creates an environment filled with zesty vibes.

Crystals: Scorpio, Ruby in Zoisite, 2kg Candles

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Lemon myrtle, eucalyptus & fresh sage

bush  ·  nature  ·  fresh

Nature in a jar. These wonderful fragrances combined together create the familiar and comforting aroma of the Australian bush. A beautiful candle for burning all year round for those that love the fresh, raw and natural smells of our beautiful foliage. 

Crystals: Amazonite, Cleanse, Taurus, 2kg Candles

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Mango & coconut

sweet  ·  rich  ·  creamy

This blend will instantly uplift any mood. Let it transport your senses to warm summer days, accompanied by only the juiciest, sweetest mangoes and creamiest of coconuts.

Crystals: Citrine, Howlite, Aventurine, Sagittarius, 2kg Candles

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Marshmallow & Musk

fun  · creamy  ·  delicious

The scent of your favourite childhood memories. The familiar smell of sweet, creamy, candy is one you can never forget. The perfect scent for lovers of all things sweet and delicious, who love to be surrounded by invisible pink fluffy clouds of marshmallow and musk.

Crystals: Strawberry Quartz, Gemini, 2kg Candles

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Mandarin, Orange, papaya, bergamot & lemon

citrus  · earth  ·  refresh

The sensual aroma of citrus and bergamot. A divine blend of orange fruits, with the after notes of earth and wood. The perfect candle for those seeking a fresh, earthy fragrances to fill their home. 

Crystals: Rainbow Fluorite, Sodalite, Aquarius, Aries, 2kg Candles

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Sea salt & driftwood

calm  ·  coastal  ·  subtle

This calming blend transports you to sandy shores, surrounded by the salty ocean breeze. A perfect scent for anyone who is after a balanced and subtle blend. 

Crystals: Full Moon, Blue Calcite, Pisces, 2kg Candles

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vanilla Caramel

sugary  ·  rich  ·  full

A delicious blend of sweet caramel, entwined with rich vanilla bean. This blend will enrich your senses and unearth feelings of a warm embrace. 

Crystals: Amethyst, Pyrite, Virgo, Smokey Quartz, 2kg Candles

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wild lemongrass

citrus  ·  fresh  ·  subtle

Wild lemongrass is the perfect scent for those who love a clean, fresh and uplifted space. Subtle and calming.

Crystals: Orange Calcite, Emerald, Cancer, Palo Santo, 2kg Candles

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no scent

The perfect candle for those that love the look of our beautiful candles but not the smell. Whether you’re allergic, or just simply not into fragrances this is the candle for you.  

Crystals: Available in all

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