bush  ·  nature  ·  fresh

Nature in a jar. These wonderful fragrances combined together create the familiar and comforting aroma of the Australian bush. A beautiful candle for burning all year round for those that love the fresh, raw and natural smells of our beautiful foliage. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Chakra, XL Chakra, Mood Range


smooth  ·  floral  ·  luxe

A mix of luxury and romance, this scent is to die for. Inspired by the Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume, created as a celebration of the 250th anniversary of French crystal house Baccarat, this scent includes notes of amber and cedarwood with a soft finish. 

Cardamom and amber

warm  ·  smooth  ·  earth

The sweet and mysterious scent of wood, cardamom and musk have been perfectly combined together to create an alluring and grounding fragrance. Enriching your senses, this intriguing fragrance will bring a feeling of warmth.

Candles with this as their default scent:Cancer, Full Moon, Smokey Quartz

Cedarwood, Bergamot and Orange

citrus  ·  earth  ·  refresh

The seductive and alluring scents of cedarwood, bergamot, orange and musk make this sharp, masculine fragrance the perfect combination of earth and sweet spice. The perfect candle for those seeking a refreshing fragrance to fill their home. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Orange Calcite, Sage

Chai and cinnamon

warm  ·  spice  ·  rich

Think sugar, spice and all things nice. This indulgent blend of chai and cinnamon will warm your senses and create a mouth-watering aroma.

Candles with this as their default scent: Capricorn, Palo Santo, Selenite

Coconut, Lime and Elderflower

creamy  ·  fresh  ·  floral

A match made in heaven. With a smooth and creamy coconut body, followed by a zesty, floral after note, this blend will refresh and calm any space.

Candles with this as their default scent: Covered All Bases, Rose Quartz, Scorpio, Selenite, Mood Range

Creamy Coconut

smooth  · creamy  ·  warm

The exotic scent of coconut combined with tangerine and apple creates the most desirable, sweet and creamy scent for coconut lovers everywhere. Allow this joyful blend to create a soothing, relaxing vibe. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Gemini, New Moon, Pyrite, Mood Range


creamy  ·  floral  ·  sweet

An addictive scent of geranium and lilies, with a creamy body. The perfect blend of juicy and creamy, without being too overpowering. A perfect candle for anyone who enjoys the scent of flowers and lemonade on a sunny day.

Candles with this as their default scent: Kunzite, Rainbow Fluorite

Fresh Passionfruit

refresh  ·  fruity  ·  sweet

Let this aroma transport you to warm, tropical days. With a refreshing blend of freshly harvested passionfruit, grapefruit and a hint of sweet musk – this scent is simply irresistible.

Candles with this as their default scent: Amethyst, Citrine, Virgo, XL Clear Quartz


sugary  ·  fruity  ·  fresh

The sweet, juicy smell of watermelon on a summer day. This blend is the perfect level of sweetness, while not being too overpowering. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Pink Tourmaline

Japanese Honeysuckle

sweet  · zesty  ·  fresh

Combining the sweetness of honey and ripe citrus, this aroma is entwined with a unique, light scent of Japanese honey suckle. A beautiful fragrance filled with fruit, zest and creamy nectar.

Candles with this as their default scent: Honey Calcite, Leo, Strawberry Quartz, Mood Range

Kakadu Plum and Mimosa

fruity  · fresh  ·  zesty

The zesty scent of our native plum mixed with fruity notes of lemon, pineapple and passionfruit. This delicious blend creates an environment filled with zesty vibes, you will be sure to enjoy the joyful ambiance that this scent offers.

Candles with this as their default scent: ApophylliteClear Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Libra, Rhodonite

Leather and Sandalwood

earth  ·  rich  ·  warm

A desirable blend of cedar, sandalwood and leather with notes of cardamom, black pepper and musk. This rich and exotic scent will surround your senses with earthy, woody elements of nature. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Emerald, Howlite, Sagittarius, XL Smokey Quartz

Lemon Myrtle, Lime and Vanilla

smooth  ·  citrus  ·  sweet

A salty, sweet and exotic mixture of lemon myrtle, lime and coconut create the perfect base for this delicious candle. With notes of vanilla and citrus, this beautiful scent will take you back to warm summer days. 

Candles with this as their default scent: Aquarius, Blue Calcite

Neroli and Pink Pepper

elegant  ·  floral  ·  sweet

Notes of pink pepper, jasmine, amber and neroli come together to create an elegant and sensual scent. A combination of spice, vanilla and floral notes make this a high-class aroma that will uplift your senses.

Candles with this as their default scent: Aries, Pink Amethyst, Pink Opal, XL Rose Quartz

Sea Salt and Driftwood

calm  ·  coastal  ·  subtle

This calming blend transports you to sandy shores, surrounded by the salty ocean breeze. A perfect scent for anyone who is after a balanced and subtle blend.

Candles with this as their default scent: Amazonite, Angelite, AquamarinePisces


woody  ·  luxe  ·  smooth

Exotic and indulging, this scent is warm and woody with hints of Chinese pepper, tonka bean and the rare oud wood. Based off Tom Ford's popular perfume, this scent will create a luxurious mood in any space. 

Vanilla Bean

warm  ·  smooth  ·  creamy

A delicious vanilla aroma entwined with warmth and love. This blend will enrich your senses and unearth feelings of a warm embrace.

Candles with this as their default scent: Black TourmalineLepidolite, Moonstone



sugary · rich · full

A delicious blend of sweet caramel, entwined with rich vanilla bean. This blend will enrich your senses and unearth feelings of a warm embrace. 

Candles with Vanilla Caramel as their default scent are: 11:11, Mood Range


no scent

The perfect candle for those that love the look of our beautiful candles but not the smell. Whether you’re allergic, or just simply not into fragrances this is the candle for you. 

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