Selenite Tower Lamp

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Cleansing Bundle

Cleanse & Co. Cleansing Blend. Smokeless Sage Essential Oil Mist.

Smokeless Sage Mist


Satya Incense - White Sage

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Small White Sage Wand


Peach Selenite Stick- Small


Higher Love Journal

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Palo Santo Wood with Clear Quartz (3 piece)

Cleanse & Co. Cleansing Blend. Smokeless Palo Santo Mist. Essential Oil Blend

Smokeless Palo Santo Mist


Satya Incense - Nag Champa


With This Wand - Selenite Cleansing Pack


Large White Sage Wand


Selenite Standard Charging Plate

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Slimline Crystal Light Stand


Into the smoke - Loose sage blend


Gratitude print

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Star Sign Ceramic Dishes

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Cleanse & Co. Large Selenite Bowl

Large Selenite Bowl