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Energetic Forecast

Zodiac Season:

It's Sagittarius Season! November 22 – December 21

Upcoming: Capricorn 22nd December


Look inside your heart and focus on the place your soul calls home, what brings you comfort and fulfilment?

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Sagittarius season brings with it an adventurous and expansive energy, urging you to set your sights high and embark on a journey of exploration, both within and without.

Moon Dates:

Gemini Full Moon: 27th November

Sagittarius New Moon: 13th December


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Therapy is good, but have you worked with the Moon?

Everything you need to support and guide you through each 2024 Moon phase.

Over half a million products sold globally, supporting and guiding people along their journey

We're here for you.

Hayley's Story

Challenging times in my early 20's lead to the beginning of what Cleanse & Co is today. I discovered spirituality, alternative healing remedies, self-help books, quotes and the powerful energies of crystals which helped me find the light in otherwise dark times.

Each product created for Cleanse & Co, have helped me throughout different stages of my life tremendously and that is why I have made it my mission to share them with you all.

Please reach out if you need guidance on how Cleanse & Co can help you throughout your journey. It starts with believing in yourself and that you are so worthy.

With love, 
Hayley De Angelis

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Gut feelings are Guardian Angels.
When you feel lost, go within.

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Ethically Sourced Crystals

Consciously sourced from all around the world.

Hand-poured Candles

Made from a blend of vegan creamy soy & coconut wax.

Australian Brand

Created in Australia, supporting people all over the world.


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