Cleanse & co. aims to help you align with your higher self through products and practises, reconnecting, healing and inspiring you to all that you truly are — loved, worthy and whole.

We believe that in doing so, you gain the courage and knowing that you are able to achieve anything you set your mind to, fulfilling your life's purpose. 

Working with the power of intention, perspective and Mother Natures magical crystals and essential oils, cleanse & co. inhibits age-old beliefs in a modern and simplified approach. 


After spending years disconnected from myself, suppressing my emotions, constant relationship breakdowns, I hit rock bottom. This rock bottom was the breakthrough point for me. After previously hitting rock bottom in a vicious cycle of healing many times before, this time I knew it was different. I was the keeper of my life, in my mind I needed to push for change as I was living a life I did not want to live. 

Discovering spirituality and alternative healing remedies when I was 24, reading self help books, quotes and carrying crystals with me, was the beginning of what Cleanse & Co is today. I started my business by laybuying crystals at a store as I didn't have enough money to create the range I wanted. As sales increased, I was able to launch and create new products, allowing me to turn my passion into something I could share with others.

I still relapse into moments of anxiety and depression, I still feel those feelings. For me personally crystals and oils are my safe blanket, I know will always comfort me in times of vulnerability. Each product I have created through Cleanse & Co help me everyday and that's why I share them with you all. I got through the rough sea that I thought would drown me and I now live in the light. It's time for me to share how I got to this place with alternative healing and the things I practice daily to stay here.

With love,