Cleanse & Co.mmunity is committed to giving love, kindness and support to anyone in need. We aim to work with charity organisations and communities and help in as many ways possible. 

From raising awareness and providing extra pairs of hands, to donating funds and dedicating our time, we hope to create positive ripple effects and be apart of the changes we wish to see in the world.

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Charities & causes We Have Supported:

Bk 2 Basics, Melbourne

How We Helped:

Cleanse & Co.mmunity was able to make a $20,000 to Bk 2 Basics, Melbourne, supporting their wonderful charity and providing goods for those in need. 

We were also able to help out serving meals and fresh food at their local food drive. 

Find out how you can help via their website:

GoFundMe, Closure for Kobe

How We Helped:

Cleanse & Co.mmunity donated $1,000 to Jess's GoFundMe account, shared Jess's story and encouraged the Cleanse community to help in any way that could.

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