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Step By Step Crystal Kit – PND Support

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PND Support Crystal Kit

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Your hormones are basically on a crazy rollercoaster for 9 months – fun for them, not so much for you. Stabilisation of hormones and chemicals after birth is known as the “baby blues” but commonly for some, this phase doesn’t pass as quickly for you as it does for others.

Let this kit provide the positive energies needed to radiate love and connect you and your baby, whilst re aligning your hormones and healing any trauma from birth. Hold each morning while completing a short meditation or place under our pillow at night to work its magic while you get some well deserved rest.

Mangano — Calcite releases anger and grief.
Pink Chalcedony — absorbs negativity & calms the mind.
Pink Kuzite — heals heartache and emotional stress.
Blue Lace Agate — calms an overactive mind & high emotions.
Kyanite — dispels blockages, stress, anger & frustration.
Smokey Quartz — helps to feel security, stability & grounded.