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Believe & Achieve Crystal Kit – Milestones

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Milestone Crystal Kit

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Nerves get the better of us all. Large millstones can be emotionally crippling for some children. Let the crystal kit be a secret super power for your child as they embark on new or the next phases of life. Have your child whisper their fears and worries to the crystals before placing them in their bag. You can then send the bags off with them in their bag to act as a secret protection and self-esteem booster while you’re not around to be that for them.

Banded Carnelian – assists with courage, motivation & leadership.
Fluorite – protective & stabilising, for grounding & harmonising.
Moonstone – encourages patience and harmony.
Amethyst – encourages inner peace and strength.
Rose Quartz – promoting calmness, helping absorb loving energy.
Snow Flake Obsidian – dissolves fear and tension.