Baby Recipe Crystal Kit – Fertility

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Fertility Crystal Kit

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Have you ever heard the stories from friends who have been desperately trying to have a baby with no success for years and decide to take a break, go on a holiday and then BANG they fall pregnant? This is the power of the mind and energy. When there is a huge pressure to conceive, along with that comes stress, disappointment, desperation and even resentment.

Let this crystal kit be your holiday get away, your break, to start fresh and relax. Use these crystal to connect with your partner, with massage, communication or during travel, to show your love for each other, then invite your baby to enter your loving and safe relationship.

Rose Quartz — promotes self worth, forgiveness and healing.
Rhodonite — clears emotional scars, balances & nurtures the heart.
Carnelian — encourages fertile menstrual blood.
Garnet — supports ovary health and improves sex drive.
Aventurine — encourages pregnancy & enhance fertility.
Moonstone — attunes cycles with moon & feminine energies.