Angel Energy - Nourish & Flourish

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Plus Free Clear Quartz Angel nested in the wax!

In this energy, I nourish my soul with positivity and encouragement, being gentle on myself when unexpected turns present themselves on my path. May I flourish into all that I am, surrounded by this loving, infinite Angel Energy.

Angel: Look out for 11:11 on the clock when you find your angel crystal revealed in the melted wax.


Vanilla Caramel – A delicious blend of sweet caramel, entwined with rich vanilla bean. This blend will enrich your senses and unearth feelings of a warm embrace. 

Coconut, Lime & Elderflower – A match made in heaven. With a smooth and creamy coconut body, followed by a zesty, floral after note, this blend will refresh and calm any space.


Complimentary cleanse & co. matches.
400g approx. 70 hour burn time
200g approx. 35 hour burn time
if candle care is followed.