Kambaba Jasper Worry Stone

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As I gently rub this stone,
my thoughts are refocused,
my emotions are grounded
and my energy is present.

Use this stone to alleviate heightened emotions and overwhelming thoughts. Gently rub the stone in any way that feels most natural to you. Imagine the stone absorbing uneasy thoughts and feelings, grounding and calming them as you refocus your energies back into the present moment.

K A M B A B A  J A S P E R :

The stabilizing stone. Kambaba jasper is a very supportive stone for stress, worry and anxiety. It promotes tranquillity and wholeness. Kambaba Jasper is a deeply grounding stone that removes mental and physical blockages and helps with the assimilation of new patterns. 

A wonderful stone for grounding unstable emotions during times of stress and allowing you to feel confident when trying new things.