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Gift Dad Guidance: The Father's Day Gift Guide

Gift Dad Guidance: The Father's Day Gift Guide

Gifts to support The Divine Masculine (aka Dad).

The "divine masculine energy" encapsulates strength, assertiveness, logic, and protective guidance. Just like yin and yang, balancing divine masculine and feminine energies is vital for energetic harmony. Let's honour and embrace this energy, appreciating the universal balance and spiritual harmony it offers.



Express your love and appreciation for Dad this Father's Day with our thoughtfully chosen selections aligned to support and guide him.

The gift that's perfect for his pocket, or to keep in the car:

Hematite Worry Stone:
Absorbs negativity, grounding & calming.

Bloodstone Worry Stone:
Protecting, healing & heightens intuition.

Labradorite Worry Stone:
Aids courage, balancing & transformative.

Moonstone Worry Stone:
Strength, soothing & enhances fortune.


The gift he can use for clarity and concentration on his desk or at work:

Black Obsidian Pyramid:
Security, clarity & protecting.

Moss Agate Pyramid:
Wealth, abundance & concentration.


The gift he can keep on him for support during the day in his pocket or lunch bag:

Black Tourmaline Tumble:
Protecting, grounding & positivity.

Tigers Eye Tumble:
Protecting, brings luck & clarity.

Chrysocolla Tumble:
Expression, communication & love.

Ruby in Zoisite Tumble:
Happiness, joy & harmony.


The gift he can use to keep calm in the car, on his desk, or in his pocket:

I am Calm Roller:
Alleviates stress, tension & calms.

Anxiety Roller Trio:
Alleviates anxiety at each stage of the day.

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In case your mind is playing tricks on you today, you are loved, worthy and whole just as you are.


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