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ADHD Support Crystal Kit

A carefully curated crystal kit to best support ADHD characteristics throughout the day. To reduce the symptoms of ADHD, some crystals can be helpful when worked with throughout your daily life. 

Our ADHD support crystal kit has been created to help balance moods and behaviour, as well as provide support needed when it can become too much. 

  Amethyst: acts as a stress relief and rejuvenation.

  Aquamarine: helps promote courage and sense of calm.

  Hematite: absorbs negative energy and calms the mind.

  Green Fluorite: absorbs negative energy and stress.

●  Lepidolite: decreases anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

  Smokey Quartz: helps to feel grounded and stable.

When working with crystals it is best to keep an open mind, we recommend keeping the crystal kit near you throughout the day, our canvas bag included is a great option to carry your crystals with you. Another option is to have your crystals in an area of your home that you are in often such as on your bedside table, in your living room or even the kitchen! 

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Please note these are not intended to replace or override any medications or medical professionals recommendations. Crystals are to act as a mindful support tool powered by the intention of the user.

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