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Safe Space Crystal Kit – Protection

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Protection Crystal Kit

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New places can be strange and confusing, even familiar ones can change with season or age. This protection kit is to be placed around the room by your child to create an invisible shield of protection against whatever it is that your child may fear – whether it be shadows, dreams or monsters lurking under the bed. Feeling of love and protection surrounding your child will assist in overcoming their fears.

Black Tourmaline — protect and purify.
Smokey Quartz — promotes secure and stable emotions.
Hematite — absorbs negative energy.
Pyramid Clear Quartz — clears and cleanses aura and energies.
Angelite — encourages healing energies and protection.
Snow Flake Obsidian — dissolves fear and tension.

– please note: crystal kit comes with Angelite instead of turquoise that is pictured.