Nourish & Grow Crystal Kit – Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Crystal Kit

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This crystal kit is designed to travel with you during the sacred and magical journey on pregnancy, helping to connect you to your baby, the feminine (yin) and the divine energies. Let this crystal kit act as a pathway to connect the energies of mother and child as you both grow together as well as reenergising you as you grow your baby.

Place the crystals on your growing belly, your partner’s abdomen and any siblings you wish to introduce, to connect your family to their new baby. These crystal can then be used once your new baby is earth side to provide a familiar and comforting energy.

Red Jasper — promotes strong fetal growth & minimises birth pains.
Rose Quartz — promotes self worth, forgiveness and healing.
Gypsum Rose — contains a unique spirit guardian.
Lemon Chrysoprase — reduces nausea & hormonal patterns.
Clear Quartz — clears & cleanses aura and energies.
Moonstone — attunes cycles with moon & feminine energies.