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Moss Agate & Clear Quartz Tower Duo 003

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growth | abundance | emotions

Properties of Moss Agate include:

  • Optimism and Abundance: Moss Agate is often associated with optimism, wealth, and abundance. It's believed to attract these positive energies into your life.
  • Seeing Beauty in All: This stone encourages you to see and appreciate the beauty in all aspects of life, fostering a more positive outlook.
  • Agricultural Benefits: Moss Agate has historical uses in agriculture, where it's believed to promote healthy plant growth and an abundant harvest.
  • Positive Emotional Insight: It provides positive emotional insight, helping you gain a more cheerful and balanced perspective on life.
  • Intuitive Feelings: Moss Agate is thought to enhance your intuitive abilities, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and make more informed decisions.
  • Abundance and Wealth: This stone is often linked with attracting abundance and financial prosperity.
  • Supports Healing: Moss Agate is believed to have healing properties, particularly in terms of boosting the immune system and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Balances and Grounds: It helps balance and ground your energy, which can lead to increased stability and emotional harmony.
  • Promotes Growth: Just as it encourages the growth of plants, Moss Agate is said to support personal and spiritual growth, helping you evolve and develop in various aspects of your life.



cleanse | heal | amplify

Properties of Clear Quartz include:

  • Deep Soul Cleanser: Clear Quartz is a profound soul cleanser that purifies and rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. It's known for its ability to remove negative energies and promote clarity.
  • Amplifies Energy Fields: Clear Quartz acts as an amplifier of energy. It magnifies the energy fields around it, making it an excellent tool for enhancing intentions, energy work, and the properties of other crystals.
  • Eliminates Energy Blockages: Clear Quartz helps dissolve energy blockages within your body and energy centers, promoting the free flow of energy and vitality.
  • Mood Elevation: This crystal has the power to elevate your mood and dispel negativity. It brings about a sense of clarity, focus, and positivity.
  • Healing and Growth: Clear Quartz intensifies the healing process, both physically and spiritually. It aids in the release of past traumas and supports personal growth.
  • Increases Self-Awareness: Clear Quartz enhances self-awareness and clarity of thought. It assists you in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's purpose.
  • Enhances Psychic Abilities: This crystal is associated with increased intuition and heightened psychic abilities. It opens the doorway to spiritual insight and connection.
  • Balances and Harmonizes: Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to your life, aligning your physical, mental, and emotional aspects. It helps you find equilibrium and inner peace.
  • Master Healer: Often referred to as the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz can be applied to any condition, problem, or situation. It is a versatile and all-encompassing crystal with a wide range of applications in energy work and healing.

It's important to approach these metaphysical properties with an open mind and personal intuition. Different individuals may experience and interpret the energy of sunstone in unique ways. If you are interested in using sunstone for its metaphysical properties, consider incorporating it into your meditation, wearing it as jewellery, or placing it in your environment. Keep in mind that personal beliefs and experiences with crystals can vary widely.


warm  ·  earthy  ·  sweet

The sweetness of amber is balanced perfectly with the earthy depth of patchouli, creating a harmonious blend that soothes the soul and ignites the senses. A fragrance that invites you to unwind and embrace the tranquility of the moment.


sweet  ·  creamy  ·  citrius

The exotic scent of coconut combined with tangerine and apple creates the most desirable, sweet and  creamy scent for coconut lovers everywhere. Allow this joyful blend to create a soothing, relaxing vibe. 


sweet  ·  bergamot  ·  fresh

A fragrance that embodies the essence of a sun-drenched garden, blending fresh, dewy notes with hints of vanilla and bergamot. Crisp and invigorating, it awakens the senses with a touch of warmth and sweetness, creating a harmonious balance that lingers like a gentle breeze.


woody  ·  amber  ·  floral

A luxurious blend of woody richness, amber warmth, and delicate florals. Immerse yourself in the inviting embrace of deep woods and golden amber, enhanced by soft floral undertones. Experience the intoxicating fusion of sweet amber and comforting tonka bean.


bush  ·  nature  ·  fresh

The earthy scents of wood, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon myrtle are combined to create the true scent of the Australian bush.


sweet  · smooth · creamy

A deliciously creamy scent containing sweet notes of vanilla and savoury notes pistachio nut. A nostalgic fragrance taking you back to a simple summer beach day.


creamy  ·  fresh  ·  floral

A match made in heaven. With a smooth and creamy coconut body, followed by a zesty, floral after note, this blend will refresh and calm any space.


creamy  ·  floral  ·  sweet

An addictive scent of geranium and lilies, with a creamy body. The perfect blend of juicy and creamy, without being too overpowering.


creamy  ·  floral  ·  native

A dreamy blend of soft vanilla, amber and musk with notes of patchouli and cedarwood.


sugary · rich · full

A truly delicious fragrance that entices with the aroma of sweetened rich creamy Caramel. The mouth watering sweetness combined with cream creates the perfect balance of both aromas.


fruity  · fresh  ·  zesty

The zesty scent of native plum mixed with fruity notes of lemon and passionfruit. This combined with the gentle, sweet, fresh fragrance of mimosa created a perfectly light fruity fresh fragrance.


sweet  · creamy  ·  citrus

Combining the sweetness of honey and ripe citrus, this aroma is entwined with a unique, light scent of Japanese honeysuckle. A beautiful fragrance filled with fruit, zest and creamy nectar.


calming  ·  smooth  ·  sweet

Patchouli, sandalwood, wood and honey come together in this scent to create the soothing Nag Champa aroma.


fresh  ·  coastal  ·  sweet

A fresh, sweet and fruity fragrance. The delicious juicy scent of melon combined with the fresh and aquatic scent of sea mist makes this a perfect light and refreshing aroma.


smooth  ·  floral  ·  luxe

A mix of luxury and romance, this sweet and classy fragrance has notes of amber and cedarwood.


fruity · citrus · sweet

The fruity and sweet scent of white orchard mixed with champagne. A fun, uplifting, and zesty aroma.


fresh  · delicate ·  clean

Indulge in the soothing familiarity of our fresh linen scent, reminiscent of clean laundry drying in the sunshine, bringing a sense of comfort and calm to any space.


no scent

The perfect candle for those that love the look of our beautiful candles but not the smell. Whether you’re allergic, or just simply not into fragrances this is the candle for you.

Candle Care

  • First things first, strip me bare – Remove all of my gems and accessories before we get started.
  • I love a two hour session – Allow me to melt to the edges of the jar before blowing me out, this will keep me even and on point each time.
  • I'm a clean cut kinda wick – I'm not a fan of the mushroom cut, keep me trimmed and sleek before re-lighting and my smoke will burn clean.
  • I hate being left alone – Although I love a 2 hour session, 3 hours is my max. Please don't forget about me or leave me unattended.
  • I'm a passionate greenie – Clean me up when 1-1.5cm of wax remains and I'll be yours forever. If you wish to part ways, please recycle me.

Moss Agate & Clear Quartz Tower Duo 003

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