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Discover the secret wisdom behind the most iconic, rare, mysterious and beautiful tarot decks ever created.

The tarot is a treasury of divination and self-knowledge; a symbolic pathway of all that we are. But who developed, syncretised or created its mysterious art and meaning, and why? What were they seeking? Shrouded in mystery, does the tarot originate in ancient esoteric wisdom or is this a vain fancy of the occultists? How has the interpretation and meaning of the cards, particularly the major arcana, evolved, and from who, or where? This book will reveal the hidden truth of occultists, mystics, artists and interpreters who have shaped the symbolic art of tarot.

In The Book of Tarot Decks, Sarah Bartlett will present the most iconic tarot decks ever created, introducing the context behind how each was devised and designed, and showcasing their most exemplary cards.