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Selenite Incense holder

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The stone of connection. Selenite creates a safe, peaceful space blocking out anything that attempts to influence your mind and is ideal for meditation practice. The power of this stone can charge any crystal and strengthen its properties making it the ideal stone for changing crystals or accompanying your choice of crystals for the day.

Incense is traditionally used to purify the mind, body and spirit, to cleanse the atmosphere and disperse negativity.

Use our Satya Nag Champa Incense to purify your home, office or other sacred space. Ideally used when meditating, relaxing or creating your zen space.

*Including stand only* 

Large: 20cm long x 4cm wide
Small: 19cm long x 2.5cm wide

Please note: Never leave your incense burning unattended, making sure they are out of reach from children and pets.