The Power of 'I am'


They say the two most powerful words in all languages are “I am”. Anything that comes after that determines your destiny.

Whatever you identify yourself as, is what you will always be. If you want to quit smoking but you identify as a smoker “I am a smoker”, you will continue to live out that reality. If you identify as a someone with consistent failed relationships, you will continue to live out that reality despite wanting to manifest a lifelong partner.

The language and dialogue you think and speak is the program and coding which makes up your reality. Each thought you think and each word you speak is fuelled by an emotion. Emotions are simply energy in motion bringing about in each moment, your self made reality.

When you focus on what is, instead of what you want, you will continue to receive more of what you do not want stagnant in the same place with the same enegies.

You have the power and freedom to focus on anything you desire. However, you need to be conscious of this as the universe is not biased to neither negative or positive energies. What you think about you bring about.

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